Serenity Series Sound Control Windows

Serenity Series windows provide the best in sound control performance and energy efficiency. Featuring the same premium vinyl material used in our other vinyl products and quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from AMSCO, Serenity Series will continue to add value to your home season after season.

Creating a Beautiful appearance by combining unique design and energy efficiency.

 ENERGY STAR qualified 

 STC Ratings  - From 40 to 47.

 Styles Include  - Horizontal slider, single hung and picture windows.

 Wide, 5-5/8 inch Frame Width  - Contains multiple chambers for increased thermal efficiency and structural integrity.

 Multipoint Fusion-Wleded Corners  - Add strength and create a seal that is airtight.

 Three Movable Panels  - Allow access to the exterior fixed panel for ease of cleaning.

 Positive Action Locks  - Ensure the window is locked when the sash is fully engaged.

 Glass Options  - Include Low-E, tinted Low-E 140, obscure, and other specialty glass options.

 Integrated Nailing  - Fin makes installation simple and easy.

 Interlocking Meeting Rail  - With aluminum reinforcement includes deep pile, fin seal weather stripping for increased protection against air and water infiltration.

 Block and Tackle Blanace System  - Is precision-tuned to hold the single hung window open in any position.

 High Quality, Tandem Nylon Rollers  - Are engineered for smooth operation on the horizontal slider window.

 3/4 inch Insulated Glass Unit  - With warm-edge Intercept spacer provides increased resistance to thermal transfer and condensation.

 Cutom Sizing  - To the nearest 1/8 inch increment.

 Equal Lite  - On the single hinge and horizontal slider creates appealing sightlines.

 5/8 inch Flat Grids  - Are sealed between the glass for easy cleaning.

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Download the Serenity Series Flyer (PDF)